Small Shopping Cart / Trolley Token
Small Shopping Cart / Trolley Token
Small Shopping Cart / Trolley Token
Small Shopping Cart / Trolley Token
Small Shopping Cart / Trolley Token
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Why do some Grocery Stores chain up all the shopping carts?
Does your local store force you to have a coin to unlock the cart?
Have you ever needed to walk to the cashier to make change, then walk back out to get a locked cart?
They should make something to fix this!
I decided to use the 3D printer craze to solve the missing coin problem.  I designed a token in the shape and size that fits a numbers of trolley coin locks from around the world. The 1 GBP coin (£1), Euro 50 (€0.50), Canadian, American Quarter ($0.25)are all similar in size to fit in the shopping cart and unlock it.

The best part is this will also come back out of the trolley once it is unlocked.

VIDEO action shot


This design will fit many common European and North American coin sizes.

This Shopping cart token also has the added tab to attach to your key chain so you have easy access to it.

The Shopping Cart Token is very light and manufactured from sturdy ABS plastic.

With many Shopping cart tokens, you can have one on your main key ring, one on your spare key ring, and give some to friends when they see your shopping cart token.  Use as a Party Favors, or Stocking Stuffers, or for Mom, on mothers day.
This Shopping Cart Token will work in many carts that require a 1 Euro (€1), or 1GPB (£1), 10 Krone (10kr),or the American, and Canadian quarter ($0.25) to unlock it.
The following coins are about the same size as this token, but I have not tested them myself:
 5, 10 Shekels  (5₪, 10₪)
$1 New Zealand
2, 10 rubles  

Be aware that this is 23mm diameter size token.  If your local currency  is a different size  then this might not work for you.

Some people have discovered that their grocery Store carts require a different size of coin. This Shopping Cart Token will only unlock the 22mm to 24mm size cart locks.   If your cart lock requires you to push the coin in with a metal bar, than this token will not work for you.

Free the Carts.   :)
Sometimes these are called 

Promotional Trolley Token Keyrings, Trolley Key, or Smartloc Master Key or tokette


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