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Custom Nerf Speed Magazine L..
S TOP Crushing your DARTS Finally a better wa y to load your 6, 12 or 18 dart magazines. 1)Insert the Speed loader into your Magazine 2) Pus h the Speed loader until the magazine is fully depr essed 3) Insert darts 4) O nce loaded, pull up the Speed Loader 5) Pre-load all your Magazine and get ready...
Nerf Rough Cut 2x4 Speed Loa..
LOAD 8 DARTS IN UNDER 20 SECONDS This Custom mod will allow you to easily speed load 8 darts in your Rough Cut 2x4 in a very short time. (video below) 1)Insert the Speed loader onto your tac-rail of the Roughcut 2x4 2) Lift the dart holders from the loader, and add 4 or 8 darts about mid way on the dart...